Free range eggs from our vending machines

Sadly, the amount of egg thefts we had from our hut at the end of the drive meant we could not continue to operate the service.  So, it was a case of adapt or die!  Hence the installation of an automatic vending machine in December 2014.

To date that vending machine has been a successful adaptation.  So much so that after various trials (some successful and some not!) we have installed a second machine to ensure that there are always sufficient eggs available for you the customer, no matter what time of day or night!

The two machines are identical in type and operation.  In the hut:

  • The machine directly facing you is stocked with
    • Green trays & boxes of Large eggs (63 to 72 gms).
  • The machine to your left is stocked with
    • Grey trays & boxes of Extra Large eggs (in excess of 73 gms) &
    • Pink trays & boxes of Medium eggs (53 to 62 gms)

This system offers a number of advantages:

  • Volume Discounts! Buying two boxes or two trays at a time results in a saving per egg bought.
  • Change! The machines give change so no more worrying about having the right amount to pay for your eggs.
  • Security! Lavinia has always said how much she didn’t like topping up the eggs at the bottom of the drive on a dark winters’ night as she didn’t feel safe & she can’t have been the only one!  This is much more secure for everyone.
  • Hygiene! No one else can interfere with your eggs now once we have put them in the locker.  There’s also less chance of cracked eggs!
  • Weather protection! No more damp egg boxes & trays!
  • Stock Rotation. We can now refresh all the eggs in every locker on a daily basis.  Thus ensuring your eggs are always as fresh as possible.

The egg hut is open 24 hours a day; 7 days a week (even including Christmas Day!) and we have installed automatic lighting for everyone’s convenience at night time.

Although it is not a strict requirement when selling our own eggs in this way, not long after we started the poultry enterprise we applied for and were granted a small packers licence by the Animal & Plant Health Agency (APHA). This ensures we are kept up to date with any developments in food hygiene legislation and offers increased confidence to our customers.

Following the success of the vending machines, we have also built up a wholesale egg delivery operation, selling eggs to local food outlets, mainly pubs and restaurants but also to nursing homes and other larger scale users. If this is of interest please get in touch. We deliver mainly in the Framlingham area at the moment but are always looking to expand!