Red Poll Cattle (the Thredling Herd) and Beef Sales

We have been keeping Red Poll cattle for nearly 15 years, when we gave a home to six heifers to help a friend and save the heifers from going to slaughter! Our herd takes its name from the Saxon Hundred (or administrative district) that encompasses Worlingworth.

Initially, it was the appeal of helping to secure the future of an East Anglian rare breed but over the years we have come to appreciate the very special qualities of the breed.With its excellent mothering ability, coupled with easy calving and exceptional hardiness, they perfectly complement our philosophy and extensive farming system. Enabling us to put into practice the concept of “Slow Food”.

We aim to calve all our cows in the late winter and early spring. Then as soon as everything is ready Mum & calf are turned out (often amongst the chickens, much to the calf’s surprise!) to take advantage of nature’s wonderful cattle food, grass! Heifer (female) calves are either kept in the herd or sold for breeding. Although we don’t show our cattle ourselves, we use high quality bulls and started with excellent pedigree cows, so our surplus breeding stock is nearly always in demand.

Occasionally we will sell an exceptional bull calf for breeding but most are keep as steers and then slowly grown on for meat. We do not force them but allow them to grow at their own pace, merely complimenting the grass and hay with a very small amount of hard food and granulised seaweed. The hard food is really only to encourage them to follow a bucket! Once they know that a bucket means food a Red Poll will follow it anywhere as they are extremely greedy! The granulised seaweed provides all the necessary trace elements and nutritional supplements in a totally natural form.

By calving in the late winter or early spring we can ensure that most of the steers have three summers at grass, one with their dam and two on their own. This ensures the meat (usually available in freezer packs from late autumn onwards) has that unique grass-fed flavour.

Our Suffolk Red Poll beef is fine-grained, well-marbled and full red in colour. Its excellent flavour comes because the animals are grass-fed and outdoors for most of the year. In addition to ensure maximum quality our butchers take great care in processing the meat. The fore-quarter is hung for at least 21 days, with the hind-quarter then hung for another week (to 28 days).

This all adds up to high quality, excellent flavour, tender and delicious meat that is very different from conventionally produced beef (and we think much better too!). We sell all our meat frozen; mostly in packs of an eighth (approx 20 kg) or a quarter (approx 40 kg) of an animal, which is the most economical way to buy it. However, if you don’t have sufficient freezer space try one of our delicious beef boxes. Alternatively we can supply individual joints or packs.

Our meat is available in freezer packs of either an eighth (approx 20 kg) or a quarter (approx 40 kg) of an animal and is made up with:

Prices are:

TOPSIDE1.5-2.0 Kg£15.00
SILVERSIDE1.5-2.0 kg£13.25
RIB on the BONE1.5-2.0 kg£16.75
FILLET1-1.5 kg£41.25
SIRLOIN1-1.5 kg£29.75
TOP RIB1.5-2.0 kg£14.75
ROLLED BRISKET1.5-2.0 kg£10.50
FILLET0.5 kg (2 per pack)£41.25
1 kg (4 per pack)£39.75
SIRLOIN0.5 kg (2 per pack)£29.75
1 kg (4 per pack)£28.50
RUMP0.5 kg (2 per pack)£24.00
1 kg (4 per pack)£23.50
CHUCK STEAK0.5 kg£10.00
1 kg (2 x 0.5 kg packs)£9.50
1 kg (2 x 0.5 kg packs)£9.25
DICED BEEF0.5 kg£9.00
1 kg (2 x 0.5 kg packs)£8.75
MINCE0.5 kg£7.75
1kg (2 x 0.5 kg packs)£7.50
LUXURY BOX5.5 or 11 kg£12.25
STANDARD BOX5.5 or 11 kg£11.50
ECONOMY BOX5.5 or 11 kg£10.75
EIGHTH of BEEF20 kg£10.00
QUARTER of BEEF40 kg£9.75

For orders and more details please email or call us.